SEA PDL is , is a non-profit educational organization that is committed to advancing the professionalism of career federal executives

PDL Programs

PDL Programs

Research on executive issues

The SEA Professional Development League conducts occasional research, typically via surveys, on issues affecting the career Senior Executive Service and utilizes the results to recommend to policymakers ways in which the SES could be strengthened to ensure that it continues to attract and retain the best talent. Study data have been utilized in testimony before Congress and provided to the Administration.
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Presidential Rank Awards
Leadership Summit

SEA PDL pays special recognition to recipients of the Presidential Distinguished Rank Award at its annual leadership summit to provide exceptional educational, mentoring, and networking opportunities for current and aspiring SES members and senior leaders. Each year, the President of the United States recognizes a maximum of one percent of the members of the Senior Executive Service for outstanding achievements in public service.
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The SEA Professional Development League sponsors educational programs for SEA members and participants that focus on leadership development, major policy issues, presidential transitions, and member benefits. In addition, SEA PDL provides member benefit training that includes financial planning, coaching, and other services.



Since 1982, SEA PDL provides scholarships to college age students of SEA Members and participants who wish to pursue a career in public service. In addition, SEA PDL provides scholarships for current Federal employees to engage in training and education activities.


The Distinguished Executives Advisory Network (DEAN) was established by PDL in 2015 to make the experience and expertise of individuals who received the Presidential Rank of Distinguished Executive or Distinguished Senior Professional award, available for the advancement of government effectiveness, efficiency and improvement.
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Project Next Generation formalizes, organizes and coordinates efforts both within SEA and with affinity organizations to encourage the development and nurturing of emerging federal leaders. SEA partners with several organizations to promote the continual and complete development of the next generation of leaders.
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